Amidst the riot of colour which is Perthshire, lies the fair City of Perth. It was once the capital of Scotland, and just a few miles away at Scone Palace, the ancient kings of Alba were crowned on the Stone of Destiny. Archaeological digs have also discovered evidence of Roman occupation. Perth is the focal point of the region, a thriving market town and a major crossroads in Scotland, with roads radiating in all directions.

Notable attractions include Perth Theatre, Scone Palace, the visitor centre at Perth Mart, and a superb Museum and Art Gallery

Our recommended places to stay in Perth include:

  • Sunbank House Hotel
  • Tayside Hotel

What Makes Perthshire Great!

Spectacular Big Tree Country

Exciting Outdoor Adventure Activities

The 'Fair City' of Perth

Taking in the region's breathtaking variety, from its serene glens and endless expanses of lush forest, to its bleakly beautiful moors, rushing rivers and tumbling waterfalls, it's impossible to argue with Sir Walter Scott. Perthshire's scenery is truly awe-inspiring.